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  • Wholesale 1pc Elastic Fashion Rhinestone Head Chain Jewelry Headband Head Hair Band 300630


  • Wholesale 1pc Elastic Fashion Rhinestone Head Chain Jewelry Headband Head Hair Band 300629


  • Wholesale 1pc Elastic Fashion Rhinestone Head Chain Jewelry Headband Head Hair Band 300628


  • Wholesale 1pc Elastic Fashion Rhinestone Head Chain Jewelry Headband Head Hair Band 300627


  • Wholesale 1pc Elastic Fashion Rhinestone Head Chain Jewelry Headband Head Hair Band 300626


  • Wholesale 1pc Elastic Fashion Rhinestone Head Chain Jewelry Headband Head Hair Band 300625


  • Wholesale 1pc Elastic Fashion Rhinestone Head Chain Jewelry Headband Head Hair Band 300624


  • Wholesale 1pc Elastic Fashion Rhinestone Head Chain Jewelry Headband Head Hair Band 300623


  • Wholesale 1pc/packet, Girl Korean Fruit Hairdress Kiwi Hair Ring Band Elastic Rope Beauty Hair Accessories 674220
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1pc/packet, Girl Korean Fruit Hairdress Kiwi Hair Ring Band Elastic Rope Beauty Hair Accessories 674220

    Qty.Range(Packet) Price(Per Packet) Discount
    1-2 0 0%
    3-4 0 2%
    5-6 0 3%
    7-9 0 4%
    10+ 0 5%
    Large Order:
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  • Quantity:

    Product Details

    100% Brand New

    Color: As Picture(7 Colors)

    Material: Plastic + Resin

    Conversion: 1inch=2.54cm, 1cm=0.393inches

    Hair Rope Size: 5.51inch ( has Elastic)

    Package include: 1pc Hair rope

    Product Reviews:

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